SMS loan weekends – Is it possible to borrow at the weekend?


Finding a loan institution that offers SMS loans on weekends is not always the easiest. This has to do with manually approving loan applications and then releasing the money to your account after that. This is why you quickly discover two problems that can make it a little tricky to get an SMS loan at the weekend.

Problem 1 – Opening hours

To be able to approve an application, it is necessary that the credit institution is open on the weekend. However, it is very common for companies to have office hours only Monday through Friday. If they are only open on weekdays, you will not be able to get an SMS loan on the weekend.

Now, however, one should not be overly depressed about this, as there are a number of loan institutions that have full opening hours. This is one of these lending institutions that you should look for. Our view is that it has become more common in recent years with the weekend open.

Problem 2 – Your bank

The fact that your bank can also be a problem is something that you often do not think about when sending a loan application. In short, it often works out that the lending institutions cooperate with different banks. If your bank has such a collaboration, the money can be deposited into the account very quickly even on weekends.

However, if the lending institution has no similar cooperation with your bank, it will unfortunately take a little longer to get the money. It is not a long time, but it will take so long that the money will not be deposited into the account during the weekend.


There are loan institutions where you can find SMS loans that you can get paid over the weekends. But it requires some work on your part as you really have to check the rules that apply at each institute. Since they cooperate with different banks and it is impossible for us to know which bank you have, we cannot directly say which ones it is possible to get an SMS loan at the weekend at. We can only say it works if you just find the right one.

A small tip is otherwise to wait some day to submit the application if it is not an urgent problem that needs to be solved. When it has passed some day and become everyday, you can think again whether you need to borrow money or not. Maybe you will find that you do not need to borrow any money at all anymore. If you feel that you still need to borrow, it is good to drive when the lenders are open and thus ready for your application.