Fast loans for foreigners


The issue of immigration is very much felt in our country, also because it goes to invest a problem like that of public order on which Italians are very sensitive.

To better understand the reason for this interest, it is necessary to examine with some attention the Unver, a report on the stereotypes in vogue in our country which shows how our compatriots are convinced that foreigners now constitute 30% of the population, when in reality the data stops at 8%. Moreover, 56.4% of the sample interviewed state that the presence of immigrants is not only synonymous with crime, but also contributes to degrading a neighborhood. And if 48.7% of our compatriots believe that employers should prefer an Italian worker to a foreigner, 35% say they are convinced that immigrants steal work from the natives

In short, the presence of migrants on the national territory is still perceived as a problem, rather than as an opportunity, also due to the frequent exploitation of the political world and it is of little use to disclose the real data.

Foreigners and the economy

Foreigners and the economy

To re-establish reality, however, it is also appropriate to read the seventh annual report on the economy of immigration, carried out by the Leone Moressa Foundation and presented to the Farnesina in October.

The report in question, in fact, clarifies how foreigners have produced almost 131 billion in wealth over the last year, with a contribution close to 9% of national GDP, paid over 7 billion in personal income taxes and paid social security contributions for another 11 billion. A result that gave birth to the 2.4 million immigrants who work with a regular work contract in Italy, out of just over five million who can boast the status of “regular”, a segment that is growing by a tenth of a point compared to the previous year.

A very important figure is that relating to the social security contributions, for which all workers born abroad for the 2015 tax year are considered, in which 3.1 million employees paid 15.4 billion, to which must be added 1.4 billion of contributions that were paid by entrepreneurs and self-employed.

In the face of these regular workers, however, there is an undeclared sector that is made up of 643 thousand workers, in practice 24% of employed immigrants. The highest incidence of irregular workers is recorded in the South, especially in the agricultural sector, where the figure reaches an impressive percentage, 41%. It is precisely the Leone Moressa Foundation to estimate the added value produced by immigrants who are not up to date in just under 15 billion USD, recalling that in addition to being an element capable of distorting the principle of healthy competition between companies, this phenomenon is to cause a failed revenue of 6.5 billion.

Foreigners and credit

Foreigners and credit

As we have seen, therefore, the presence of immigrants in our country is now a consolidated and very important economic reality. So much to deserve concrete answers also in terms of services, starting from the credit, necessary in particular for those who wish to compete with the market, creating a business or embracing the profession.

In this sense it must be emphasized that the Italian credit system has refined its proposal over the last few years, precisely to meet a user that continues to grow in numerical terms and integrate into the economic fabric. He did so in particular by extending to immigrants the criteria with which he is usually granting loans to Italian citizens, or by asking for a series of precise guarantees of work order, therefore income, or patrimonial. The only addition that is proposed if the foreign citizen asks for a loan is the one related to the residence permit or residence, while for employees it is usually requested that the contract has been in operation for no less than six months.

Fast loans for foreigners are a reality

Fast loans for foreigners are a reality

Within the basket of products made available to foreign workers, there are also fast loans, as is logical in a world that sees an increasingly widespread presence of new technologies. Even immigrants show a preference for rapid procedures such as those that characterize these credit instruments due to the bureaucratic delays that continue to weigh on the loans requested instead from the territorial branches of financial companies or banks.

However, it must be remembered that a fast loan does not mean a secure loan, as the applicant must present guarantees able to convince the bank or the financial company to grant the requested amount. Furthermore, in consideration of the additional risk that characterizes this instrument, the applicant institution sets interest rates that are considerably higher than those which are customary in traditional forms of credit.

Among the many proposals in the sector in favor of foreigners, the first to be considered is certainly that of Astro Finance, which grants personal loans characterized by convenience and the ability to formulate solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the applicant. For decades the Bankate Group financial institution has been able to offer loans that are highly appreciated by the market and that are addressed not only to guaranteed categories, ie employees and pensioners, but also to problematic categories, such as housewives, the unemployed, atypical workers and foreigners. Just connect to the Astro Finance website, calculate the monthly installment and contact the financial company to start a procedure that could be concluded within a couple of working days from the moment the request was accepted.